CREATE-FIX-SHOP this is the unique concept of VINTAGE RESTORE, Manila’s top bag repair and restoration shop:


Bag designer Lally Dizon can CREATE the bag of your dreams by collaborating with the clients’ preferences in size, color and shape. Lally then adds her personal touch thus creating a unique bag design that suits the individual taste of each client. The bags are Philippine made, of the highest quality by the country’s top leather bags designer. Indeed, you can call your own bespoke Lally Dizon bag a designer piece!


Bag doctor Trisha Cruz-Cuason diagnoses and FIXES your favourite designer and vintage bags and gives life back to your favourite purses. The bag doctor offers a variety of treatments to your ailing designer bags. The bags are repaired by the artisans mentored and guided by matriarch and bag expert Edna Buenviaje-Cruz. With her 30 years experience in bag manufacturing Edna has produced bags for popular brands and stores in Japan, US, France and Australia during the heydays of her exporting company. Customers are truly assured that their bags are in very good hands. Below are a few of the brands Vintage Restore repairs.




SHOP for the ultra chic and limited collection of bags and belts by Lally Dizon which are made of the finest leather and exotic skins. Her designs are inspired by the classic shapes of bags from the past decades, but she also gets influences from the latest trends thus creating a timeless modern style. Vintage Restore also carries Trisha Cuason’s brand new and pre-loved luxury bags and one of a kind jewellery pieces called Our Treasure Trove. Each piece has its own story to tell. She has turn of the century tambourine necklaces, enamel pendants from Europe and cameo pendant brooches dating back to the early 1900’s. Our Treasure Trove also has vintage Chanel jewellery from the 1980’s and so much more!


Take a peek and enter the world of VINTAGE RESTORE!